What is Slatwall And Why Do You Need It?

Whether you are looking for an organized method of storing various items for your home, garage, office, or retail spaces, finding the right fixtures can be overwhelming. There are many storage solutions available, but most of them either lack functionality or get damaged easily. 

What you need is a functional and durable organizing system that is flexible enough to adjust to your ever-changing layout updates. Fortunately, organizing and displaying various stuff is more convenient with Slatwall. In addition, it’s a versatile system that takes out the woes of dealing with clutter and disorganized valuables. 

Take a look at the benefits of using Slatwall for organization and its stylish and functional uses. 

What Is Slatwall?

Before you dig deeper into the many benefits and uses of Slatwall, it’s essential to understand what it is. Slatwall has been around as an organized system for displaying all sorts of stuff since the 1960s. It is a structural material used to cover the walls or a display fixture and comes in various forms. For example, Slatwall can be a whole wall panel affixed to an existing wall or freestanding. 

The system features wood panels with horizontal grooves called ‘slats,’ hence, its name. These slats get machine-added into the boards for precision. Most Slatwall systems are made from wood or fiberboard with different finishes, and they also come in a range of colors. So not only is the system functional, but it adds visual versatility to a wall as well. 

You might know Slatwall through the variety of terms used to describe this system like:

  • Slot-wall
  • Bracketboard
  • Groove wall


With such versatility, Slatwall makes a great storage solution for any space. There are many ways to use it like:

  1. Display merchandise in a retail space, tradeshow displays, mobile locations, or work sites. 
  2. Vertical storage solution to utilize space on the walls of your trailer or RV. 
  3. Use it to organize your garage and get rid of the floor clutter. 
  4. Make a display panel for your collectible items at home. 
  5. A Slatwall system in the office to store files, documents, and supplies 
  6. A storage system for your pantry or kitchen
  7. Organize your closet and arrange your clothes, shoes, bags, and other stuff in an airy, aesthetically pleasing method.

Slatwall vs. Pegboard for Garage

Slatwall is a popular option for a custom organization project, but it’s not the only option. There is also the pegboard, made of typically the same materials used to make Slatwall systems. But instead of slats or the horizontal grooves in Slatwall, a pegboard has holes drilled into the panels instead. 

Now that you are familiar with the differences between Slatwall and pegboard, which is a better option for your organization system?

What Makes Pegboard a Good Choice?

  • Pegboard is a bit inexpensive option, a great choice if you want an efficient organization system without paying for the big bucks. 
  • You can relocate the pegboard as necessary, something you can’t often do with Slatwall. 
  • Pegboard requires less maintenance in the long run as the holes are less likely to collect dirt and dust. 
  • Installing a pegboard system in your home, garage, office, or retail store is easier and quicker. In addition, you can usually do it yourself and don’t need to hire someone else to install it for you. 


When it comes to aesthetic value, functionality, and durability, pegboard doesn’t have much to offer. 

  • The exposed holes of a pegboard look a bit shabby and hard to ignore. There are also limited color options, and if you want to paint it, the process can be tedious as paint can get stuck in those holes. You’ll often have to scrape it afterward. 
  • Pegboards have countless holes where you can hang your things, but everything can look messy if not managed and organized correctly. So, despite the numerous holes in the panel, the space is still limited if you want a well-organized system.
  • Pegboards can organize your tools and hang some of your light stuff, but there’s a limit. It can’t hold heavier items, so forget about hanging your skateboard or bicycle on it. Otherwise, you risk your pegboard system warping, bending, or cracking over time.

Slatwall Accessories

Why Is Slatwall Great?

  • From an aesthetic perspective, Slatwall boasts a seamless and sleek appearance, especially when covering an entire wall. It can also hide the mounting hardware to make the items hang invisibly on the wall. It looks a bit outdated as a wall fixture but isn’t offensive to the eyes like a pegboard.
  • When it comes to durability, Slatwall shines as it can hold much heavier items. It’s not 100% impervious to damage, but Slatwall doesn’t risk getting warped, bent, or unstable when items get too heavy, which is the case when using a pegboard. 
  • It’s difficult to damage a Slatwall system, and it has impressive live expectancy. You can also repurpose it many times. 
  • There are far better options to organize your stuff with a Slatwall than a pegboard. Besides tools and hanging items in bags, you can install hooks on the Slatwall to hold a bicycle, bags of basketball, beach chairs, or even a surfboard. 


There are a few cons to using Slatwall, like:

  • It isn’t always DIY friendly, meaning you might have to pay a professional to get the fitting installed correctly. 
  • The slats or horizontal grooves can accumulate dust and dirt over time, making it tedious to maintain. 
  • Also, it’s not something that you can easily take off and transport if you are changing locations. They are a bit expensive to ship. 

So, Which Is Better?

Pegboard or Slatwall works for a custom organization system. Both have perks, but Slatwall does have more advantages, especially when it comes to aesthetic value, durability, and versatility. 

It might be slightly more expensive to install, but its pros outweigh the cons. Slatwall can handle heavy weights without breaking down or getting damaged, perfect for storing all sorts of stuff. You can hang power tools in a Slatwall board that would rip a pegboard system right out of your wall. It also looks more finished after installation than any pegboard out there. 


What to Look for in Slatwall

There is only one thing that all Slatwall boards have in common: they all have grooved slats. The design might be universal, but not all boards are the same. There’s an endless variety of styles, characteristics, and differences in Slatwall boards that you can find. 

So, what are the things that you should look for in a great Slatwall system?

  • Excellent Materials Equals Great Durability

Slatwall boards are pretty long-lasting, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider quality materials when buying one. Slatwall systems come in different materials like wood, fiberboard, PVC plastic, and brushed aluminum. 

Fiberboard Slatwall systems are often the cheapest option, while brushed aluminum tends to be the most expensive. You can stick to the fiberboard ones if budget is an issue, although it won’t give you waterproof panels. But if you want a higher weight capacity, go for wood or aluminum. 

For instance, this heavy-duty PVC Slatwall from Proslat is made of rugged panels that can resist water, mold, and mildew. Meanwhile, this resin Slatwall from Suncast is rigid and UV resistant. 

  • Aesthetic Value Matters

You want your storage system to look amazing, so in this case, the appearance of your Slatwall board matters. Fortunately, Slatwall systems come in varying finishes to add some color to your walls and match the overall room style. 

Some of the options available include:

  • Melamine or Laminate (midpoint price)
  • Unfinished or Painted (low cost)
  • High-Pressure Laminate (high-end quality and pricing)
  • Real Wood Veneer (varied pricing depending on coating: varnish, stain, or lacquer)
  • Does Groove Spacing Matter?

Yes, groove spacing in the Slatwall board matters. The spacing is measured from the center of one groove to the center of another groove. Larger groove spacing offers more strength, meaning it can carry heavier stuff. Meanwhile, smaller grooves give you more usable space, so you have more storage space. 

Typical groove spacing you can find in most Slatwall boards are 3-inches, 6-inches, and 12-inches, although some manufacturers can cater custom orders. 

  • Wall Panels vs. Freestanding Fixtures

You can find Slatwall units in two forms, and one is not necessarily better than the other. Choosing between a wall panel Slatwall system or a freestanding fixture depends on what display system you need in your space. 

Wall panels are labor-intensive to install, but they help efficiently remove your floor clutter and free up space. It’s an excellent option for small floor spaces or to utilize corners and odd areas. 

Meanwhile, freestanding fixtures offer more creativity and flexibility in designing your store layout. It comes in various styles like tower systems like this Fixture Displays 2-Sided Slatwall spinner or gondolas or H-units like this Display2go rotating display case.

  • Is It Easy to Install?

Most Slatwall boards are ready to install and only need you to screw them into concrete or wall studs. 

If you get a Slatwall system with features that makes it quicker and easier to install, you won’t need help from a professional to finish the setup for you. For instance, this Jiffram Easy Living Slatwall kit features easy one-person installation. 

  • Is the Price Worth It?

One last feature to consider when choosing a Slatwall is the price. Some systems are more expensive than others, depending on the board materials used. That said, you don’t want to skimp on your investment.

When it comes to Slatwall boards, you’d want to take versatility and durability on top of your list. After all, Slatwall is an excellent long-term investment. For instance, you can get a 2-pack Slatwall system like the AA033 PVC Slatwall panel that gives you two 12.6 x 23.63 wall panels. 

Slatwall Accessories

What Are the Best Slatwall Accessories?

Once you’ve chosen your preferred Slatwall system you need, the next important thing: the Slatwall accessories and add-ons. The beauty of organizing using a Slatwall storage system is the versatility and flexibility of the accessories available. You can make endless configurations on how you want to use the Slatwall system, depending on the add-ons and attachments you have. 

Slatwall Hooks for Heavy Equipment

Slatwall hooks are perfect for hanging almost anything, from your hand tools to heavier items like car tires, ladders, lumber, and kayaks. 

There are different types of hooks you can use in your Slatwall system, such as:

  • Single or double hooks
  • Deep utility hooks
  • Bike hooks
  • Garment hooks
  • Peg hooks
  • Frame hooks

Slatwall Shelves for Stuff You Can’t Hang

You can attach shelving units on the Slatwall boards for items you can’t hang. Perfect examples are things like books, cans of paint, cleaning supplies, or shoes. It works for both freestanding fixtures and wall panels and can also match your system’s materials. 

There are different shelving styles for Slatwall systems. You can find those specifically designed to hold bottles and cans, while others are made of perforated materials for shoes and boots. You can either attach the shelves on the Slatwall using hooks or knife brackets. 

Other Slatwall Storage Ideas

There are tons of ideas on using a Slatwall system to store all kinds of stuff. For instance:

  1. You can attach frame hooks for hanging single items, photos, painting, or plaques in a photo studio or gallery. 
  2. You can use bins and baskets for items you don’t want to hang. You can even put lighter items like sunglasses, brochures, aerosol cans, sanitizers, and tissue papers. 
  3. You can attach a magnetic toolbar to keep smaller tools, like screwdrivers and wrenches, organized.
  4. Use an adjustable ball rack to hold those round-tripping hazards. 
  5. Attach a tilt-storage bin for tiny hardware parts like screws, washers, bolts, nuts, and nails. 


There are many reasons to use Slatwall boards for your storage system. For one, it offers long-lasting durability and can handle all sorts of stuff without breaking down or getting damaged. In addition, Slatwall systems, using proper fixtures and accessories, offer infinite choices for organizing all your home, office, garage, or retail stuff. 

Moreover, Slatwall helps you get organized and free up floor space. If you think your room needs a revamped storage and organizing system, installing Slatwall panels is a fantastic option to consider.

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