Garage Wall Ideas

The garage is every so frequently the most overlooked room in a home. Often, garage walls have been left alone. But by neglecting the space, you are missing out on opportunities to turn your garage into a creative, stylish, and even practical and functional extension of your home.

If you’ve had enough looking at your unfinished garage walls, it’s high time to check out some garage wall ideas to make the place look nicer and more utilized.

If you’re ready to give your garage a complete makeover, these garage wall ideas will provide you with all the inspiration to start the project.

Table of Contents:

  1. Materials for Walls
  2. Garage Paint Ideas
  3. Garage Storage Ideas
  4. Garage Decorating Ideas
  5. Garage FAQs


garage wall ideas

What Can I Use to Cover Garage Walls?

For a long time, drywall has been a common choice to cover interior walls, but it’s not often the best choice for garages. Drywall isn’t the most resistant material against moisture or dust, usually plenty in the garage. Before long, drywall will become moldy and be full of nicks and holes.

More importantly, it’s not the only option to cover garage walls. You’ll find that there’s a range of durable materials to cover garage walls.

1. Painting for Easy and Quick Garage Wall Fix

garage wall paint ideas

Do you want a simple way to give your garage walls a makeover? Painting is often the go-to for homeowners who wish to change how their garage walls look. You can apply paint on almost any type of existing surface in your garage. There’s no need to break down and install new panels. You can use a fresh coat of paint on concrete surfaces, cinder blocks, drywall, and it can quickly transform the garage interior.

You can even waterproof your garage walls with paint if you use the right kind.


  • Inexpensive garage wall finish
  • Wide range of garage paint ideas using different colors and textures
  • DIY project


  • Not the most durable wall covering.

2. Backer Board for a Strong, Drywall-Like Base

Backer boards are a lot similar to drywall in appearance, function, and installation. But it’s a more suitable option over garage walls for its moisture-resistant properties. Unlike drywall, backer boards or green boards won’t crumble and collapse once exposed to high humidity. It has a mesh surface and water-resistant core that helps air circulate better.

You’ll have long-term savings when using a moisture-resistant backer board in exchange for drywall, especially you live in a humid climate.


  • Resist moisture to prevent mold and mildew from growing.
  • Strong drywall-like base for additional wall covers like stone or tile
  • Easily painted


  • Pricier than standard drywall

3. Plywood/OSB for an Inexpensive Garage Wall Cover

If you have a bare concrete garage wall, plywood/OSB is a popular wall cover option, especially if budget is an issue. This material is an all-around choice to cover walls and in other interior design projects. Plywood/OSB is inexpensive and allows various finishes like stains and paints. Torching is also an option for plywood/OSB wall cover to give it a unique pattern.


  • Cheap option
  • Allows various finish options
  • DIY installation


  • Not strong enough to hold up shelving and mounting.

4. Wood Paneling for a Farm-Style Aesthetic

garage wall cover

Wood panels can give a fantastic farm-style aesthetic to your garage walls. Plus, there are plenty of siding panel options you can find to cover the walls. They can come in horizontal slats or larger 4×8 feet panels, allowing you to choose a style that fits your preferences.

Wood panels also allow for different finish options. You can leave the panels as is or stain or paint the surface. The possibilities are similar to plywood/OSB but more durable to hold heavier storage items.


  • Allows attaching shelves and mounting of storage items, and more.
  • Easy and fast to install.
  • It doesn’t require taping or mudding joints


  • It might cost more than other garage wall cover options, depending on wood material choice.

5. Fiberglass or Plastic for Moisture Resistance

Another inexpensive options to cover garage walls are fiberglass or plastic. They are particularly ideal if you’re concerned with the high levels of moisture in the garage. Fiberglass and plastic also require little to no maintenance, ideal for high traffic garages. They are easy to clean, making them an excellent option for a garage/workshop setting with a lot of grime and dirt.


  • Inexpensive garage wall cover.
  • Easy to maintain and clean.
  • Mold and mildew resistant


  • Not as durable as other wall cover options.

6. Metal Panels for Durability

garage wall cover

Sheet metal might be a bit pricier than other options. But there are many reasons why it became a big trend as a garage wall cover. It’s flame retardant and remains in excellent condition for a long time. Not to mention, metal panels have a shiny appearance that helps reflect light and illuminate some dark areas in the garage.

Metal panels also come in various textures and designs to fit your style. Some durable options include corrugated sheet metal, diamond plating, and grates. Reclaimed metal panels are also an option to give your garage walls an old-school, barn-like aesthetic.


  • Durable option.
  • Resistant to daily wear and tear.
  • Allows you to customize your garage wall space.


  • It can be expensive when purchased new.

7. Slatwall or Pegboard for Built-in Storage

Equipment Rack

Pegboard and Slatwall are excellent choices to cover bare garage walls and have a storage solution simultaneously. After all, your garage space is often the room where you dump all sorts of things. Covering your garage wall with pegboard, for example, gives you immediate built-in storage. The only thing you need is to get a few pegboard accessories, and you instantly get a wide range of storage possibilities.

If you’re thinking of storing bulkier and heavier items, a Slatwall storage system is an ideal choice. It’s a sturdy garage wall cover and a flexible storage option with specialized accessories at once.


  • Offers endless garage wall storage ideas and customization
  • Easily painted
  • Sturdy and easy to install.


  • Offers little to no garage insulation

There are simply infinite ways to cover and finish garage walls. These garage wall ideas consider both style and function, and choosing one will ultimately depend on your style preference, budget, and garage needs.

How Can I Make My Garage Walls Look Nice?

The garage’s primary purpose might be for parking, cleaning, and maintaining your car or storehouse clutter. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be an extended area of your home where you can entertain family and friends with some snacks and beer or hang out by yourself watching sports or your favorite TV show.

I’m trying to say that you can have a killer garage, a finished space where you can do all sorts of things. Some of the tips below are practical and mostly simple to make your garage walls look nice.

Garage Wall Paint Ideas

garage wall paint ideas

Most garages stay unfinished and untouched for a long time, with drywall, tape, mud, and everything in between. But that doesn’t mean your garage has to stay with these plain, unsightly walls for more. There are plenty of possibilities to turn unfinished garage walls into something more inviting and creative with a touch of paint.

  • White of Light Gray Painted Garage Walls

Does your garage look a bit too dull for your liking? A touch of white or gray paint might be what you’re looking for to uplift the space.

Light colors in garage walls are classic and have a way of making a room look bigger than it is. But if white looks a bit flat for your tastes, you can go with a very light gray or light beige coat.

  • Red Painted Garage Wall Ideas

Bold red isn’t always the first choice for garage wall paint ideas, but it’s gaining popularity, thanks to the Ferrari brand. Anyone who loves the fiery red Ferrari would love a red-painted garage. The bright color will instantly give the space a touch-up, although you might have to reconsider if you’re using the garage as your workshop.

  • Dark-Brick Painted Garage Walls

Are you looking for garage wall paint ideas that scream strong and masculine? Perhaps you would consider painting those old bricks a dark color.

Dark-brick garage walls give a perfect ambiance to build a garage/workshop setting where you can work on your vehicle and other home projects. It becomes very dramatic with some lights on and can even give your garage the perfect man-cave aesthetic.

  • Balancing Red Painted Line

If a white or gray or two-tone white and gray garage wall is too dull for your liking, you can paint in the middle of the wall between the two colors. For example, a read line between white and gray paint gives interesting wall paint ideas. It’s a simple concept, but enough to strengthen the appearance of your garage walls and add a bit more flavor to the room.

Are you thinking of transforming your garage walls with paint? Check out these tips.

  1. When you’re unsure what paint color to sure, keep it simple. A simple garage wall is timeless, and that means you won’t get sick of it quickly. There’s a better chance you won’t absolutely hate the end result as well.
  2. Prep the garage walls before painting. It’s worth spending the extra time and care for a better finish. Prepping your garage walls ready for painting will involve different steps, depending on the material.
  3. Multiple coats of paint might be necessary to get the desired look. Just ensure that you gave the first coat enough time to dry before applying the second one. Otherwise, everything could only end up a mess.
  4. Opt for satin, semi-gloss, eggshell, or matte paint. Flat paint on garage walls has a very dull finish and doesn’t clean very well. They also tend to attract dirt marks, making things worse.

Garage Wall Storage Ideas

pegboard garage wall storage

Who knew your garage walls have endless storage possibilities?

There are materials, like Slatwall and pegboard, that are excellent garage wall storage ideas. They are perfect items for interior design upgrade that gives you immediate and endless garage wall shelving ideas. There are also ready-made items you can stack behind garage walls where you can organize all sorts of things?

Are you thinking of optimizing your garage wall for storage? Check these garage wall storage ideas to give the place a clean, finished, and functional look.

Pegboard Tool Garage Wall Storage Ideas

One of the go-to garage wall storage solutions is pegboard, especially for hanging small items. It’s pretty cheap to purchase and easy to install. You can hang it on the wall above your workbench and use it to organize small tools using accessory hooks and baskets.

The only real downside of pegboards is they can’t handle heavier items. Although you might get tempted, you shouldn’t hang bigger power tools in a pegboard. But if you’re looking for simple garage wall storage ideas for your collection of screwdrivers, hammers, and tools, pegboards are great.

Heavy Duty Hook Storage with Slatwall

Another popular two-in-one option for garage wall covers and storage ideas is Slatwall. Slatwall garage wall storage solutions prove more durable for items you can’t hang on a pegboard.

Slatwall comes in different materials like wood, metal, or PVC panels. Most of them are waterproof, easy to clean, and sturdy. You can use Slatwall systems with various accessories like hooks, baskets, shelves, and racks to hold bulkier and heavier items that pegboards can’t.

Garage Wall Shelving Ideas

If you don’t want to install Slatwall to hold some garage wall shelving ideas, you can add freestanding shelving units instead. Sturdier shelves made of wire, metal, and even wood are great for organizing different boxes and items currently littering in the garage. Just remember to keep off those flimsy plastic shelving units.

Wall Storage Racks

If you have sports gear lining around in your garage, adding some storage racks in your wall can help you organize them. There are different storage racks to hold various items. For instance, you can screw in a tire rack to fit your car’s spare tires, a bike rack, utility racks to carry your kayak, surfboard, or even ladders and foldable tables.

All-Steel Gridwall Storage

Grid walls are made of sturdy, durable metal rods you can mount for endless garage wall storage ideas. It can hold everything pegboards can and heavier items. Grid walls also have a sleek, minimalistic design that can give your garage/workshop a simplistic Zen aura.

Another great thing about grid walls is that it comes in all sizes, and you can paint them to the color that matches the interior of your garage.

Garage Wall Decorating Ideas

Garage Wall Ideas

Are you looking to elevate your garage walls simply? These simple garage wall decorating ideas are surefire to breathe some new life into your garage walls.

Custom Art for Garage Walls

Are you looking for some splash of creativity? Well lucky for you, Respoke Collection can make custom car artwork for your garage. You can get 20% off just for being a Garage Weekly reader. Use code Garageweekly for 20% off Custom Car Art.

Garage Baseboard

Baseboards and other wall base options are not only excellent garage wall decorating ideas. They have functional qualities, too, like keeping pests out of the garage and protect your drywall from water damage.

Garage Wall Lighting

Your garage might already have some ceiling lights, but adding a few more garage lights makes for excellent garage wall decorating ideas. Extra wall lighting can elevate the space and give it a high-end appearance. Some sconces will bring a different look and more ambiance to any garage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Cheapest Way to Finish a Garage Wall?

Are you trying to create a sleek garage in a shoestring? Painting the walls is often the go-to option to finish a garage wall on a budget. But other garage wall ideas like fiberglass, plastic, backerboard, plywood, wood panels, and reclaimed metal sheets are relatively inexpensive.

How Can I Insulate My Garage Cheaply?

Insulating a garage is something you can do with a small budget. Some of the best materials you can use to insulate the garage without breaking the bank include:

  • Cellulose or loose-fill insulation for finished garage walls.
  • Fiberglass roll for unfinished garage walls

What Is the Best Material to Cover Garage Walls?

The truth is the best material for garage walls will not be the same for everyone. You want to decide what to use to cover garage walls, depending on your personal preference and garage needs. Here’s a guideline summary to help you choose the best material for garage walls.

  • Painting – Budget-friendly garage wall cover, no code issues, and doesn’t require any special skills or hiring professionals
  • Backerboard – Best drywall substitute and only garage wall cover option for adding stone brick or tile
  • Plywood/OSB – Affordable and allows creativity and customization options but not the most durable, especially against moisture
  • Wood Panels – Durable and most stylish garage wall option, may also be the priciest
  • Fiberglass/Plastic – Maybe an affordable option, easy to maintain, and perfect for garage workshops. Not the best choice for mounting and storage options
  • Metal Panels – High-end option where durability is the priority but can be expensive
  • Storage Panels – Ideal for garages where you dump all sorts of odds and pieces, where extra storage and organization is the priority 
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