10 Slatwall Accessories That Will Keep Your Garage Neat And Organized

Did you know that you can quickly get rid of your garage clutter using stylish Slatwall paneling and a couple of Slatwall accessories? 

Yes, you heard that right. Slatwall accessories can improve the look of any garage, making the usually cluttered space neat and organized. Slatwall systems are great for transforming your garage wall into a customizable and virtually limitless storage space. You can get rid of any floor litter and have all of the space to store and display all your things simultaneously.

The beauty of having Slatwall storage in your garage is it offers endless customization using various Slatwall accessories. You can custom design your vertical storage with a simple change in add ons and accessories you have or how you arrange them.

Top 10 Slatwall Accessories to Keep Your Garage Organized

With a Garage Slatwall set up, you have storage flexibility and versatility. There are lots of accessories and add ons you can use for endless storage configurations. 

Are you ready to transform your garage into a neat and organized space? Slatwall accessories will change your garage clutter problems in no time. 

Here are our top pick of the most convenient Slatwall accessories to make your garage neat, organized, and more functional.

1. Use Slatwall Hooks for Hanging Multiple Items

Hooks are a multipurpose hanging accessory for your garage Slatwall storage. They take up minimal space, but you can use them for hanging multiple items. Plus, they are easy to move around the Slatwall panels if you need to. 

There are different kinds of Slatwall hooks you can purchase, and there are endless ways to use them for organizing your garage space

Do you want to buy Slatwall hooks for your garage? Check out these items.

Slatwall Hooks

Single hooks are great for organizing smaller items that you can hang like hand tools, paintbrushes, barbecue accessories, and lighter tools with handles like mops and brooms. 

This pack comes with single hooks in two different lengths: 4-inches and 6-inches. The display hooks are durable and relatively sturdy, made of ¼-inch plated steel wire. Plus, their backplate configuration makes it easier to fit them into the Slatwall without needing extra inserts. 

Double Hooks

These are ideal for more support when hanging larger and heavier tools like rakes and shovels. You can also use it to hang sporting equipment like hockey sticks and baseball bats, so they are not hanging around on your garage wall. 

The pack of two heavy-duty hooks fits standard Slatwall systems and can hold up to 70 pounds each. They are water-resistant and have an anti-slip PVC coating to keep your items securely in place. 

2. Hang Bigger Items Using Industrial Hooks

If you want to hang bigger and heavier items in your garage Slatwall, you need sturdy utility and industrial hooks. These types of Slatwall accessories are not ordinary hooks. They can handle bulkier items like patio furniture, ladders, canoes, kayaks, and lumber. 

If you’ve been storing your tires on your garage floor, you can now hang them on the wall using industrial hooks to free up your garage space for parking. 

Are you ready to use your Slatwall to store oversized items currently littering on your garage floor? Check out these top picks for you.

Industrial Slatwall Hooks

If you want to secure bulk items in your garage Slatwall storage, this pack of eight double utility hooks can get the job done. Each can handle up to 54 pounds, fantastic for mounting items like ladders and power tools. 

Slatwall Accessories

Your bike, kayak, and other sports equipment will be safe, secure, and look great when stored using this [air od U-shaped industrial hooks. These hooks are durable and sturdy to hold up to 40 pounds. They also feature a PVC coating to protect your items from any scratches. 

3. Store Bottles and Cans on Your Slatwall Using Wire Baskets

For items that are impossible to hang, you can add hanging baskets on your Slatwall system to hold them. They are ideal for holding car cleaning supplies, aerosol cans, water bottles, and virtually anything you want handy. 

Here are some convenient baskets you can add to your Slatwall storage system

Slatwall Baskets

Get three wire baskets made of sturdy powder-coated steel that can hold all sorts of things like gloves, towels, cans, and bottles. Each container can support up to 50 pounds and has enough space to store items cluttered on your garage floor. 

Metal Slatwall Basket

If a wire basket isn’t for you, this perforated metal basket from KC Fixtures has a sleeker and modern look. It can catch anything from helmets, gloves, jackets, and anything else you want to be easy to reach while in the garage. 

4. Store Your Commonly Used Hand Tools in a Tool Storage Rack

Sorting out through your toolbox for the screwdrivers can take forever, especially if you have other hand tools stuffed inside the box. How about you get a convenient screwdriver rack where you store all your commonly-used tools? That way, they are handy whenever you are working on a project.

Tool Rack For Slatwall

This all-steel screwdriver rack from Handy Solutions will make a great addition to your garage workshop. It’s a handy Slatwall accessory to hold, not only screwdrivers but any four small tools that you use in your garage often. This tool storage rack is incredibly compact and won’t take so much space in your Slatwall storage system.

You can buy one or more racks to section and display your tools. For instance, you can have one to hold all your hammers, another for wrenches, and one for the screwdrivers. That way, it’s easy for you to find the tools you need. 

5. Organize Metal Tools in a Magnetic Toolbar

For hand tools that a storage rack can’t accommodate, you can conveniently mount them on your garage Slatwall using a magnetic toolbar. It’s the perfect way to reorganize your hand tools from a messy toolbox. Magnetic tool holders also work great to keep your gadgets in one spot and within reach. 

Tool Shelf

If you are looking for a handy magnetic toolbar attachment for your Slatwall, this magnetic tool holder from Proslat is worth checking out. It’s made of high-grade steel with a heavy-duty powder coating, making it durable and sleek for organizing your metal tools in the garage Slatwall.

This pack comes with two 25-inch long magnetic tool holders that can hold up to five pounds each. It’s enough to get rid of your toolbox clutter and keep your garage space neat and organized. 

6. Organize Garage Items in Shelves

Not all items stored in your garage are things you can mount on the wall using hooks. But you can still organize them in your garage Slatwall using heavy-duty shelves. This Slatwall accessory is perfect for storing books, magazines, automotive fluids, cans of paint, and some planters. They are also ideal for displaying your shoes and other collections you have in your garage.

Here are some of our favorite Slatwall shelving units.

Slatwall Shelf

Do you have collections stored in your garage? Keep them neat, organized, and well-displayed on the Slatwall using this pack of six acrylic shelves. They are lightweight but boast great strength and a shatter-resistant material that can hold various items in your garage. 

Garage Cart

Are you looking for a double shelving unit for your garage Slatwall? This secondary shelf from Proslat gives you double storage space. But it’s not your typical shelving as this high-load bearing shelf can support up to a massive 350 pounds. 

7. Keep Small Items Neat and Organized Inside Plastic Bins

Do you know those easy-to-lose hardware parts in your garage? There’s no losing them anymore if you have storage bins to organize them. Plastic containers that you can attach to your garage Slatwall are fantastic for organizing tiny hardware parts like nails, screws, bolts, and nuts. 

These Slatwall storage bins are the most brilliant way to keep small hardware pieces in your garage neat and organized moving forward. 

Plastic Garage Bins

This pack includes three large plastic bins made of durable PPE plastic. They are easy to clean and incredibly convenient for organizing your garage space using a Slatwall system. Each container can hold up to 66 pounds of your garage supply and easily inserts into the Slatwall panels with a simple snap. 

Do you need more storage accessories for your garage Slatwall? This storage bin kit has everything you need to organize your garage space conveniently. It has 18 durable plastic bins in four different sizes: ten small bins, five deep bins, two large bins, and one XL plastic bin. 

8. Keep Sports Equipment Neat in Heavy-Duty Racks

Are you a sports fanatic but hate having tons of sports-related equipment occupying your garage floor? Try sectioning out your garage Slatwall where you can hang a heavy-duty sports equipment rack for them. 

If you are looking for some ideas, check out these items. 

Equipment Rack

Keep your sports equipment off the garage floor and hang them neatly in the Slatwall using this hook pack from Proslat. You have enough Slatwall accessories that you need to mount four bicycles, three fishing rods, two gold bags, a skateboard or snowboard, and more. 

9. Maximize Your Garage Space With Hang Bars

Maximize your garage Slatwall space with hang bars and hang rail tubing that can hold a range of different accessories. It’s a convenient Slatwall accessory if you are looking for more hanging space in your garage. 

These hang bars and rails can utilize valuable space in your garage Slatwall.

Garage Bars

If you want some extra hanging space in your garage, you can do so much with this U bar attachment for your Slatwall. You can use it to hang whatever needs hanging, perfect for wall areas where you don’t need a shelf. This 24-inch U bar made with heavy-duty steel with a sleek chrome finish can handle up to 75 pounds. 

If the U bar doesn’t have enough hanging space for your needs, this rack comes with eight straight bars where you can hang virtually anything. Plus, you can fold it flat when not in use, perfect for garages with minimal space. 

10. Organize Any Round-Tripping Hazards with a Ball Organizer

If you play sports like basketball, soccer, and football, you probably have balls lying around on your garage floor. They can be a severe safety hazard unless you store them where they can’t cause an accident, like a ball rack attachment for your Slatwall. 

Garage Ball Hanger

This ball organizer from Proslat fits well with your garage Slatwall and keeps those round-tripping hazards off of your garage floor. It has three easily accessible storage compartments with elasticated pockets to keep them in place. Each case holds one regular-sized basketball and soccer ball or plenty of tennis balls.

Wrap Up

Complete your garage Slatwall storage system with the best and most functional Slatwall accessories and attachments. Choose from hooks, bins, shelves, racks, and many more. 

Use your chosen Slatwall accessories to arrange and organize stored items in your garage no matter how you want. So, which of these garage Slatwall accessories would make a fantastic addition to your garage space to keep it neat and organized?

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